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Experience the Harmony of Earth and Soul
Welcome to EarthSoul, premier eco-conscious Music Festival, where the rhythmic pulse of the Earth harmonizes with the melodic symphony of the soul. A festival with a purpose beyond imagination in Dubai, to immerse yourself in a world of boundless creativity, captivating art installations, enchanting narratives, and soul-stirring music, all while advocating for sustainability and responsible living. In the heart of this vibrant ambiance, indulge in exquisite culinary delights and refreshing beverages, all the while championing the cause of conservation and raising awareness about the pressing issues of plastic pollution and marine conservation. Enjoy performances by International and local diverse artists, engage in workshops and talks on Marine Conservation and Plastic Pollution, and immerse yourself in art installations and decors that aim to educate and inspire for a greener future.
Join us in this exhilarating journey as we align our spirits with the whisper of nature and rekindle our deep-rooted bond with our “EarthSoul.”


Where Music and Purpose Unite in Vibrant Harmony
EarthSoul…where nature’s whisper ignites the spirit, immersed in a festival of harmony, where the rhythm of the Earth meets the melody of the soul, celebrating our deep-rooted connection to the planet we call Home. Here we weave stories, soak in art, connect with music of the soul and feel experiences that rekindle our “EarthSoul” bond.
Step into the world that brings together a passionate community of music lovers to celebrate the beautiful synergy of music, art, and our cherished planet. A vibrant music extravaganza with a profound purpose where you’ll groove to the rhythms of world class international and local artists while engaging in enlightening workshops and talks on Marine Conservation and Plastic Pollution, immerse in breathtaking art installations with messages, each one a reminder of our responsibility to nurture a greener, more sustainable future.

Sustainability at the Core

Rooted in the heart of EarthSoul is the belief that change starts with us. Our festival symbolizes this ethos by showcasing sustainable practices in action where we strive to be more than just a platform; we aspire to be a catalyst for change, inspiring people to embrace a greener way of living.

Sustainable Design

Festival production -stages, art, installation, festival build-up of recycled, upcycled, repurposed material

Waste Management

Minimizing Waste, Maximizing Impact - Zero Trace Policy. Our commitment to a cleaner tomorrow


Empowering Minds with sustainable change through meaningful and impactful partnerships

No Plastic Zone

Plastic Free Festival, paving the way for a Greener Environment

Green Energy

Green Energy to light up Zones and Activations


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Transport your soul into harmony-filled haven with artists bringing you the very best of music.
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Be captivated by stunning installations that blend creativity with eco-awareness, painting a vivid picture of a greener world.
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Experience a greener way of life woven into every festival moment, nurturing our efforts towards our planet’s future.
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Inspiring conversations with eco-heroes and impact organizations, uncovering insights on marine life and plastic pollution.
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Savor responsible, mouthwatering delights that satisfy your taste buds and support our planet’s well-being.
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Dive into interactive engaging sessions that empower you with practical eco-friendly knowledge.

Event Overview

3 Days
in Dubai

Multi Genre - Music
with a Purpose

15+ Artists

Food Truck &
Beverages Zone

Eco Zones

Festival Market



& Talks

Artists for Impact

Discover iconic performers who wield the power of music to inspire positive change, shaping a harmonious world at EarthSoul Festival.


Immerse yourself in a world of artistic wonder, where installations and decor come to life, igniting your imagination and fostering a deeper connection with creativity.
Discover eco-conciousness using recycled materials into sustainable art pieces and turning waste into wonder.


Indulge in an immersive festival experience that blends music, art, sustainability, and inspiration into unforgettable moments.

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